Perkins Experience Survey – 10% Discount for Free

There’s nothing bad in spending your 5 minutes on a survey and get a nice reward, that is applicable to your next meal at Perkins. Yes, you read it right. Using Perkins Experience Survey, you can avail a good discount on your next meal across 400+ restaurant across the US just by completing up a simple survey.

Perkins Experience Survey

The Perkins chain of restaurants started to grow up since 1978. From then, till now there have been more than 400+ restaurants in this list over the 33 states across the country.

To provide better service than ever and work flawlessly, they need to know the fault and inconvenience in the service by their customers. To do so, Perkins Restaurants have initiated Perkins Experience Survey program. Under this program, Customers can suggest some innovative ideas and their suggestion to enhance their utility.

Completing a Perkins Experience Survey isn’t hard at all as it hardly takes any time to do so. Perhaps the survey comes with a reward to the customers completing it, which can be easily availed across all restaurants in this chain.

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Perkins Guest Experience Survey Guide – Steps to follow

As mentioned earlier, it’s a matter of hardly 2-3 minutes to complete a survey at Perkins Restaurants to avail rewards from it. Follow the steps to avail reward from the survey.


  • Must be resident of The United States of America or Canada.
  • Age of the participant must be above 18 years.
  • Participant must make a purchase from the Perkins chain of restaurants.
  • A PC, Mobile device or a laptop with internet access for receiving confirmation code.
  • A valid receipt from any of the Perkins Restaurants across the country.

To get a reward from the surveys, you need to receive the survey code. The survey code can be applied in the future to get a discount on your meal.

Follow the steps to receive a survey code at the end.

  1. To start the survey, you need to go to the official survey website of Perkins, where you can receive the survey code on completion.
  2. Now you need to enter the survey code and click on the ‘start’ button to start the survey.
  3. You will be given a set of the question by the Perkins Survey team to get a review about their service.
  4. After answering all required questions, you need to click the submit button to complete the survey.
  5. You will shortly receive a survey code when the survey is completed.

To use the survey code, you need to redeem it before the date of expiration of the code. The code is available for the customers for 3 days since the completion of the survey. Hence, you need to redeem the code within 3 days.

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Perkins Guest Experience Survey – Rewards

You will receive the reward in the form of survey code after you complete the survey. The Perkins Experience Survey code can be used further to get a 10% discount on your next meal within 3 days of completion of the survey.

To redeem it, you need to carry the receipt with you on your next visit to any of the hotel that comes under the Perkins chain of restaurants.

Though you are limited to only one coupon per month and the coupons are applicable only at participating restaurants. The coupons are restricted at some places and items on the list such as Bakery, Kid’s menu, Great Plates and 55+ menus in the list.

The Survey code cannot be applied with the inclusion of any other promo codes or any other offers. It will be considered as invalid in case if it is copied or transferred from other sources. You can also check more about the rules by visiting the official site.

About Perkins

Perkins is the chain of restaurants across the country. The chain has connected almost 400+ restaurants across 33 states in the country. The story goes back to the 1970s when it was limited to only Pancakes. The Perkins brothers, Matt, and Smitty who started a small restaurant with their golden pancake recipe had ideas to expand their business by opening several restaurants across the country.

In 1978, they changed the name to Perkins Cake & Steak Inc. to enlarge their business. The name was changed again in 1981-82 to Perkins Inc. and finally to Perkins Restaurants Inc. which is now till date.

Now the chain has expanded across the country and has been a well-known brand in this industry.

Perkins Hours of Operation:

The work hours at Perkins are as follows.

  •             On weekdays – 8 AM to 8 PM
  •             On weekends – 8 AM to 9 PM

On weekends, the service is extended for an hour to 9 PM.

The working conditions at Perkins can vary on special days including several holidays and occasions. To know more about it, you can contact the Customer Support at the address mentioned below.

Perkins Customer Support – Contact Details:

If you need any help and information regarding the Perkins Experience Survey and the code, you can contact the customer support. Below are the contact details of Customer Support.

Perkins Customer Support

Customer Service Number: 1-800-225-5939

Official Website:

Please be accurate about your questions, which will help save time and resources to solve the problem. Don’t worry about any issues bothering you as Perkins has one of the best support teams across the globe. You can also check our detailed article on contacting Perkins Customer Service to get more clarity.


Perkins chain of restaurants covers more than 400 restaurants across the country. The chain is famous for its service as well as reward policy by completing a simple survey.

If you are a customer at any of the Perkins restaurants, then you are eligible for the reward. All you need to do it complete a small survey which can be easily done within 5 minutes.

After completing the survey by answering the required questions you will be rewarded with a survey code. This code can be applied to any of the selected restaurants to avail 10% discount on your orders. Though, the redemption of the survey code is restricted to some items in the menu and at the bakery. Customers are suggested to check our Blog for the latest updates regarding

To use the survey code, you need to redeem it before the expiration of the code. As the code expires if not used before 3 days of completion of surveys.