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We hope you are having a good time with Perkins Restaurants and it very well would be reflected in the Perkins Experience Survey. We found that some of you were trying to find solutions to similar kinds of problems with the survey. Mostly people who were asking about Perkins has similar kind of questions in their mind.

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This article contains a list of top “Frequently Asked Questions” about Perkins Restaurants. Do check the article if you have these questions bothering you and let us know how we can help you further.

Top Asked Questions About Perkins Restaurant



Our team at has tried to answer most of the commonly asked questions. Kindly check below and find solutions to any problem regarding the survey you might be facing currently.

Food Related Queries

Service and quality of food are of utmost importance for the customers. If a brand is not able to fulfill basic requirements, then there is no point going there. This is why Perkins is addressing all the food-related queries making them a brand that is transparent to their customers. We have answered some of the most commonly asked questions food at Perkins here.

Perkins Food Menu
Perkins Food Menu

When is the Breakfast Serving Hours at Perkins?

Perkins is well known for its breakfast items and they serve it from open until close.

Does Perkins accommodate food allergies?

Perkins is one of the most hygienic restaurant brands and they serve the top quality food made in the most hygienic conditions. There is no chance of any issues regarding food quality at Perkins Restaurants. You can contact Perkins regarding any dietary concerns.

Does Perkins accept reservations?

Yes, Perkins accepts reservations from Monday to Thursday only. Customers on Fridays and weekends are accommodated on a first come first serve basis.

Does Perkins have a breakfast buffet?

No, there is no kind of a buffet at Perkins Restaurants. Although, there are plenty of food cuisines to select and eat at Perkins.

What is the most popular menu item?

Secret recipe buttermilk pancakes are the top loved menu items at Perkins. Although, there are a lot of mind-blowing food items to choose from.

Why Should I try Perkins Over Other Bakery Outlets?

These are some of the top reasons to choose Perkins over any other restaurant brand serving breakfast and bakery items.

  1. Internationally Recognised Brand
  2. Desirable Territory Availability
  3. Experienced Management Team
  4. Strong Value Perception
  5. Menu Items with Mass Appeal
  6. 4 Day Part Menu

Franchise Related Queries

Perkins Franchise
Perkins Franchise

Are you a business owner or have prior experience in the food industry?. Well, Perkins is the best investment and partner you can have as a food business. Perkins Restaurants is looking for new franchise business owners who can independently operate and run their franchise. Perkins has no intention to hide anything regarding franchise fees.

You will get answers to almost all the franchise-related queries in a transparent manner here. You may also choose to reach out to Perkins via email or contact number 901-766-6455 if you have any specific query.

What is Perkins Looking for in their new franchise and business owners?

The Perkins franchising department in search of well-educated individuals with prior experience in the food industry. Individuals owning a food business in the past are given more preference. If you have the skills then no need to worry as Perkins is going to give you training before making you their franchise owner. This training will help you adopt and their Perkins’s systems and procedures.

Does Perkins offer support and tools to their franchise owners?

Yes, Perkins will support you through site selection, design of the outlet, construction, and pre, as well as post-training and support. A team of 14 corporate trainers will be in touch with you for 30 days to help you with the setup and initial operations. Moreover, access to their exclusive trademarks, supplier, operational as well as marketing support is offered from Perkins to all the new franchise owners. This is why Perkins is getting way ahead in business than any other food brand in the market.

Is there any kind of agreement to sign before becoming a franchise owner?

Yes, all the franchise owners have to agree to a license agreement of 20 years.

What is the royalty fees Franchise owner has to pay to the Perkins Restaurants?

All the franchises in the United States are entitled to pay a royalty fee of 4% of their gross revenue. This is used to fund the operations, food supply, and new training programs which is beneficial for the franchise community only.

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